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Edward Gibbon (1737 – 1794)
TOUCHWIND is an independent, innovative enterprise with long years of expertise of its partners. We focus on financing and structuring, evaluating Alternative Investments, and consulting in all matters of the financial and capital markets. We offer a broad spectrum of expertise acquired in leading positions in the financial sector. Our core team combines 150 years of experience in finance, investments, and capital markets. This know-how pays off for you.
Our aim is to be one of the leading providers of tailor-made solutions for managers and investors in Alternative Investments. It is our passion to exceed the targets of our customers by offering optimal consultancy while maintaining the highest professional as well as ethical standards. “Customer focus, integrity, collaboration, and excellent service“ are the values which define us.

1. Structuring and Financing
– Structuring and securitising of financial transactions domestically and abroad
– Customized product solutions for structured and transaction financing
– Execution and handling of financial transactions and projects in the
capital market environment, with a focus on illiquid investment classes

2. Ship Financing
– Consultancy and advisory services on the structuring and restructuring
of ship financing arrangements
– Consultancy and advisory services on the arrangement of debt finance
and equity investment capital


Fleet deal financing through Mezzanine Capital

October 01st, 2018
Touchwind Financial Solutions advises on a fleet deal financing through Mezzanine Capital.

Financing structure of MV“Saturn“

June 15th, 2018
Touchwind Financial Solutions advised on the financing structure of MV“Saturn“ through foreign institutional investors for HS _ Shipping in Haren/Ems.

Minibulker MV "Sine Bres"

March 31st, 2018
Touchwind Financial Solutions advised on the financing structure for the minibulker MV “Sine Bres"

Touchwind Financial Solutions

March 15th, 2018
Touchwind Financial Solutions advised on the acquisition of 3 sister vessels through Bremer Lloyd, Bremen.

Ship investments recently advised on by Touchwind (showing a +35% and +63% uplift)

November 14th, 2017
It is our pleasure to inform you about recent transactions in the shipping segment.

In February 2015 Touchwind Financial Solutions advised HS-Schiffahrt on the acquisition of 3 sister ships from HSH Bank in Hamburg. The 3 vessels were put into service soon after that.

Two of those vessels have recently been sold again after approx 2.5 years of stable and reliable service under the management of HS-Schiffahrt.

The price of the sale realized a gain for the investors of approx 35% in the case of the first vessel and a gain of approx 63% in the case of the second vessel (after German Tonnage tax). The vessels are included in the Minibulker/Coaster shipping segment which is currently seeing hardly any new building orders. The overall fleet is aging without significant new tonnage volume on the horizon.

The sale prices that have been realized are also a result of the excellent ship management job done by HS–Schiffahrt.

TOUCHWIND Financial Solutions UK Ltd

October 22nd, 2017
TOUCHWIND Financial Solutions UK Ltd a sister company of KOELLN & Cie GmbH & Co KG is delighted to announce that they have successfully relocated the first two German owned companies to share their location and establish a presence in the City of London.

This will enable their customers and the owners to take advantage of the UK regulatory environment as well as any opportunities that may arise after the UK leaves the European Union.

Breaking news

October 17th, 2017
Dear clients, colleagues and friends, Breaking news: we have moved! As of this summer Koelln & Cie is located in Hamburg. Our newly updated website can be found here:

The majority of our activities will (still) be carried out under the banner of our sister firm Touchwind Financial Solutions UK Ltd which is headquartered in London. Please visit our new website here:

Our main focus will continue to be Market Entry Consultancy, Product and Business Development as well as Structured Finance, specifically in the maritime sector (shipping finance) for our institutional client base. Our structure, with a physical presence in both the UK and continental Europe, means that we are ideally placed to be your partner through any developments that may occur during the Brexit process.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, The KOELLN & Cie and TOUCHWIND team

Financing Solutions in the Maritime Sector

October 10th, 2017
We are currently working on Structured Financing Solutions in the Maritime Sector (Ship Financing) In certains segments we are monitoring very attractive investment opportunities (Feeder Ships, Minibulker and Multy Purpose Ships /MPPs) You are welcome to contact us for further information.

TouchWind Financial Solutions GmbH sold

June 23rd, 2016
We hereby give notice that Touchwind Financial Solutions has been sold to overseas investors as of May this year. As a result of this, all of our structured finance servicing and administration operations as well as the Luxembourg based subsidiary have been transferred to the new owners. Consequently, we are now in a position to devote further resources to our main business of ship finance. The Touchwind name will continue to exist, however. The core team will operate under the umbrella of Touchwind Financial Solutions UK Ltd., based in London, with a broad focus on structured finance and market entry consultancy as well as ship finance. We have very deliberately situated our base in London – the centre of capital markets in Europe – to take into account the ever rising regulatory burden of doing business on the European mainland. All of our clients and business partners can rely on our continued support in terms of our corporate advisory and support services. We look forward to working together in the future.

Touchwind Financial Solutions – UK / London

February 09th, 2015
Jim Tatchell is appointed Managing Director of our Touchwind Financial Solutions UK Ltd. in London. With Jim, we are able to expand our strong team, adding a partner with many years of capital markets experience.

Expanding our team of partners

October 01st, 2014
We are glad to welcome Günter Femers, an experienced banking- and capital markets executive, to our team of partners. He will strengthen our team in Hamburg, starting October 1st, 2014.

Risk is a matter for the boss

April 07th, 2014
Risk Management and Controlling are criticals parts when it comes to managing an enterprise. Managing Director Armin J. Lang describes in the magazine of the EOS group why risk has to be addressed at the very top of a company.

Read the article here.

Touchwind Financial Services S.À R.L. and Ltd.

January 28th, 2014
TouchWind Financial Solutions opened an office in Luxembourg and London.

A perfect balance

September 10th, 2013
In large enterprises, some group units often lack liquidity while others have a surplus of funds. A cash-pooling system can balance out the accounts of these companies and give them all a fi nancial advantage.

Harmen Kölln, magazine of the EOS group / Take care to avoid the liquidity trap

Read the article here.

New partner: Michael Cnyrim

September 05th, 2013
We are glad to welcome Michael Cnyrim in our team of partners. Michael is an experienced expert in the field of Real Assets, especially for ecological and Socially Responsible Investments (SRI). He is in charge of our Deal Screening business for Alternative Investments (COLAMIS).

$140 mln. structuring und financing completed

August 06th, 2013
TOUCHWIND Financial Solutions GmbH (TFS) announces the successful completion of a complex structuring and financing, with a total volume of $140 million. With a specialty financing bank, U.S. UIT shares were financed in several Luxembourg companies, with a maturity of 3 years. In addition, existing transactions were restructured and refinanced, with a volume totaling $100 million. TFS has led the entire project, with responsibility for planning, structuring, implementing, funding, and monitoring.

Over the past 15 months, TOUCHWIND Financial Solutions has created a total of 20 complex SPV-structures, making TFS one of the leading independent providers of structuring and financing solutions in Germany.

Expanding our team of partners

June 04th, 2013
We are glad to welcome three renowned financial and capital markets experts in our team of partners: Dagmar Buhl, Ulrich Binninger and Jürgen Popp contribute many years of experience and specialised expertise.

Continuing expansion

May 17th, 2013
The successful business of TOUCHWIND Financial Solutions GmbH now includes Deal Screening, a new business line under the brand name COLAMIS. Experienced experts from different specialisations evaluate Alternative Investments for professional investors.

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Harmen Kölln
Mana­ging Director

Harmen Kölln
Mana­ging Director

Tel: +44 (0)7412. 94 19 66Tel: +44 (0)207. 193 88 08
Mob: +49 (0)172. 133 42 23

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Harmen Kölln, after finishing his studies in Hamburg, he has been working with some of the most renowned addresses in the financial markets world. During the past 30 years his focus was on the capital markets, specialised on „sales and trading“.He has many years of senior management experience in working for addresses such as Bankers Trust, Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, London, New York and Tokyo. Harmen acted as treasurer for Lehman Brothers Bankhaus in Frankfurt and London, where he was responsible for building the London branch.

At Deutsche Bank he was responsible for money markets and short term trading activities in Continental Europe, he also served as Group Regional COO, Europe. He was a member of the Board of Managing Directors of Deutsche Bank’s London branch. Harmen’s specialty is structured financing.

Jim Tatchell
Managing Director

Jim Tatchell
Managing Director

Tel: +49 (0)40. 36 88 00 48 60Tel: +44 (0)207. 193 88 08
Mob: +44 (0) 7412  94 19 66

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Jim started his career in finance in the early 1990s as a bond trader at UBS and subsequently worked for several large financial institutions and trading houses as well as a boutique Asset Manager and latterly a global news provider.

When he is not spreading the word about Tangible Assets, Jim runs his own consultancy business Tatchco Ltd which primarily assists overseas financial firms to establish a presence in London.

Jim is a former private pilot, holder of a racing driving licence and rugby coach.

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Since 2012, we have managed more than 50 transactions, with total volume exceeding €1.0 bln.

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You are looking for a new challenge, new perspectives? You would like to develop and advance yourself in an expanding company and contribute your commitment and potential? Whether you are at the beginning of your career or looking for a greater challenge – we offer the best opportunities for your professional future! New colleagues are characterised by professional competence, personality and passion. We are looking for people who want to move things on as part of our team.

We offer collaboration in an experienced, professional, and dynamic team which develops and shapes a new market. If you are interested in having a first conversation, we welcome your application to



December 2018

17. Dezember 2018

Nina Bres is visiting Hamburg.

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August 2018

28. August 2018

MV „Nina Bres“ in schwerer See. Watch here!

We meet and visit MV „Sine Bres“ in Nyborg, Danmark.

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August 2018

17. August 2018

We meet MV„ Nina Bres“ anchored off Gothenburg.

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June 2018

03. Juni 2018
Touchwind advised HS – Schifffahrt, Haren/Ems on the financing of MV „Saturn“ with Foreign Investors.

MV „Saturn“ is a geared 1.400 TEU Container Feeder vessel, built 2008, with approx measurements 161,30 x 25,00 x 9,50 meters.
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March 2018

14. März 2018

We welcome MV „Nina Bres“ as the first of a fleet of three sister vessels serving for „Bremer Lloyd“, Bremen, during a brief visit in Bremerhaven.

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March 2018

03. März 2018
Touchwind advised on the acquisition of 3 sister vessels for Bremer Lloyd, Bremen and co-invested in to MV „ Sine Bres“.

All 3 vessels are minibulkers built in 2006/ 2007 and serve regularly between Lake Vännern in Sweden and Marocco, Spain, Holland and Sweden.

The vessels are 3.750 tdw with measurements approx 87,90 x 12,60 x 5,30
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November 2017

30. November 2017
All 3 sister vessels,  - MV „Clara, MV „Mia", MV „Frieda" which were acquired at the beginning of 2015 have been sold – the gain on the invested capital ranges  from ca +35% and ca + 70%.

Great job done by HS – Schiffahrt!!!! Thanks a lot from Touchwind as a co – investor and all the other investors.
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June 2017

17. Juni 2017
Touchwind is advising of the financing of a new build minibulker which is close to be readily delivered for undisclosed buyers.

MV „Anshu“ has approx 5.500 tdw and measurements approx: 104,5 x 15 x 4,5 meters.
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January 2017

19. Januar 2017
Touchwind advised on the project „BBC Kansas"- ex MV „Amber “ of HS –Schiffahrt in Haren/ Ems.

„BBC Kansas“  is a Heavy Lift  Multypurpose Dry Cargo ship which was built November 2006 . It is a Beluga F- Type with 12.700 tdw. Measurements approx 138 x 21 x 8,00 ( 25 Reefer plugs).

This vessel is sailing in the world wide tramp service.
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September 2016

22. September 2016
MV „Angela“ of HS Schiffahrt in Haren /Ems was refinanced. Touchwind assisted in this process and also acted as a co – investor.

„Angela“ is a 2009 built Minibulker with 6000 tdw, measurements approx: 114,4 x 14,4 x 6,4
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July 2016

30. Juli 2016

We meet MV „Karina“ in the middle of the Baltic.

Touchwind also co – invested into this vessel. „Karina“ was underway to a Swedish port.

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August 2015

18. August 2015
After some time of complex project work the „Hermann Schepers“ went into service with HS Schiffahrt, Haren/Ems.

The vessel serves between India and Singapore. It was a major restructuring project.

The vessel is a Container Feeder, Type Vollharding 750,  built in 2003. Measurements approx 165,00 x 21,00 x 7,00 with 1025 TEU capacity, ungeared.
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April 2015

28. April 2015
All 3 sister ships are getting overhauled in Gdynia/Poland and enter service sonn afterwards.
The vessels were built 2005/6, Minibulkers 5.750 tdw with measurements: 106 x 14,4 x 6,6
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March 2015

23. März 2015
Done – the 3 sister vessels where purchased and talken over by HS Schiffahrt Haren/Ems and are leaving the port after more than one year lay – up period. Please note that they already carry their new names.
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January 2015

26. Januar 2015

Together with the ship Manager HS Schiffahrt from Haren/Ems we are inspecting 3 targets which have been laid up idle for nearly one year. They show very good substance and we assist HS in the negotiations with the owning bank.

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December 2014

20. Dezember 2014

Our first involvement in ship financing: HS Schifffahrt in Haren/Ems acquired the MV „Karina“ which was built in 2012.

She is a minibulker, 5.440 tdw, measurements approx: 107 x 15 x 5,5 meters

Touchwind Financial Solutions also acted as a co – investor

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